Aria Kitchen Modern Kitchen Design Ideas Tue, 03 Apr 2018 16:03:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Black Quartz Countertops on Radiant Kitchen Scheme Thu, 11 Jan 2018 11:22:31 +0000 Black Quartz Countertops on Radiant Kitchen Scheme – The black quartz countertops tend to elegant scheme and glow scheme. This decor usually use glow effect and plain pattern entire marble style. This marble is designed to cover kitchen cabinet and outside vanity sink model. This decor can be applied for small and wide room layout.

Grey Island also Black Quartz Countertop in Contemporary Kitchen among Black Stools and Grey Drawers

Black Quartz Countertops

People can add this decor for chic kitchen furnishing style. The black quartz countertops for kitchens come from famous hose designer can give perfect decor adjusted with cabinet, island and vanity sink model. This decor has contemporary style come from the shape and paint model. This marble is designed using light black paint and porcelain style to give splendor appearance. This marble is designed for white wooden kitchen cabinet and Kitchen Island. The steel material is designed for water faucet style to give majestic appearance.

Black Quartz Countertop also White Island in Traditional Kitchen among Black Stools and White Ceiling

White Island also Black Stools in Transitional Kitchen among White Cabinets and Black Quartz Countertop

You can choose rough black paint for marble decor to give soft furnishing style. This marble can be applied for white wooden drawer and kitchen island model to give graceful appearance. You can apply glow black tile marble pattern for white wooden kitchen cupboard and island. This marble is planned using letter L model and square shape model. The letter L model is designed for white wooden kitchen drawer. The single square shape is planned for white wooden kitchen island model.

Wooden Stools also White Island in Farmhouse Kitchen among Black Quartz Countertop and Bright Lamps

White Sinks also Black Quartz Countertop in Contemporary Bathroom among Wide Mirror and Grey Wall

You need to apply marble decor for wide kitchen drawer and kitchen island style. You can choose light black model for marble style include plain pattern. This marble style can give elegant appearance for kitchen furnishing. The glow black marble style is planned for grey kitchen cupboard and kitchen island style. People can add plain marble style for dark brown wooden cabinet and island model to create natural decor for contemporary room. The marble model better than black quartz countertops for kitchens to create graceful interior concept.

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Quartz Kitchen Countertops Applications for White Room Design Thu, 04 Jan 2018 14:37:01 +0000 Quartz Kitchen Countertops Applications for White Room Design – Home lovers, if you look for some ideas of the quartz kitchen countertops, this article are the best style to see. In this article, we have the inspiration of the kitchen countertop design for the proper cabinet’s styles. They are designed in modern styles. The countertop is applied in well matched situation for the stylish cabinets. The application can be in the kitchen island, kitchen counter cabinet, and also the wall floating cabinets.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Wooden Quartz Kitchen Countertops Made of Wood among Grey Top Decorated with Baby Blue Backsplash

In this article, we can see several ideas that are applied on the images. Here are the first styles of the quartz kitchen countertops colors in neutral styles. The first is the spacious contemporary kitchen with big wooden kitchen island with glossy steel countertop. The other cabinetry designs surround the cabinet. The next is the application of the brown cabinet design with cream countertop. The style is decorated by the wooden chairs and also applied in square sink placement. The white room becomes the style of the next kitchen design included grey cabinet design.

Home Kitchened among Wooden Quartz Kitchen Countertops Illuminated by Golden Pendants

Well, some other ideas are also applied in this article. We have the first style of the glossy cabinet design with wire chair design. This cabinet is applied in brown wall design with great lighting system. Then, the amazing style of the kitchen can be seen from the glossy grey cabinet design in a white room. The three chic chandeliers make the room amazing. Then, we can see the fabulous kitchen style with amazing kitchen backsplash design. They are patterned in light blue patterns. The glossy steel cabinets are applied in that room.

White Farmhouse Kitchen Involving Beech Quartz Kitchen Countertops also Antique Barn Door

Some other designs of the countertops for kitchens are also offered right here. They will help you to find the best style of the countertop design. The quartz kitchen countertops colors and patterns will be one of the proper choices to be seen.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops of Contemporary Square Kitchen

By applying Quartz Kitchen Countertops for main design of the contemporary kitchen, the interior kitchen is really looked so exotic. Moreover, designed in square interior, the contemporary kitchen is really looked so enchanting being designed with rectangular kitchen islands. Hence, designed in square interior is also making the stage lamps are perfectly embossing classy outlook for the interior of contemporary kitchen.

Wooden Themed Quartz Kitchen Countertopsed among Wide White Top to Accommodate Sink

As a contemporary kitchen, kitchen islands that are designed in rectangular model are better being covered by marble countertop. Moreover, the marble countertop is layered by glossy cover so that it reflects finest reflection of the cone stage lamps. For contemporary kitchen, stage lamps are the best lamp installation. Moreover, the stage lamps are covered by cone shade that can perfectly emerge sparkling appearance. In addition, the floor installation of the contemporary kitchen is also designed in marble floor. Hence, Quartz Kitchen Countertops Bangalore is the perfect design for the contemporary kitchen.

Catching Red Subway Tiled Backsplash Installed near Center Wall of White Kitchen among Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Actually, the interior of this contemporary kitchen is looked so exotic because marble material is also being used as main material for the kitchen backsplash. In addition, the dark marble and white marble are perfectly installed on the concrete wall. Moreover, stage lamps as main lamp installation are really embossing finest appearance for the contemporary kitchen. Indeed, the interior of the kitchen is really looked so exotic along with white decoration for interior. Some wooden stools that are applied as complementary furniture is indeed making the interior are looked so exotic.

White also Black Quartz Kitchen Countertops Placed in Kitchen among Modern Cone Pendants above Island

Some authentic decoration that is being used as main cover for the interior wall is also looked so perfect because walnut wood is used. The combination of white interior wall and authentic pattern of walnut wood is the most adorable wall decoration. Hence, by following these Quartz Kitchen Countertops Images, the interior of contemporary kitchen is looked so eclectic.

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Ceiling Fan Light Makes Your Cooking Area Looks Adorable Mon, 18 Dec 2017 08:58:43 +0000 Making your cooking space looks very adorable is not an impossible chance anymore for today since you can arrange it by applying your favorite furniture and room décor with , such as the application of kitchen chandelier and ceiling fan light. Do not wait any longer by wasting your time to think about a perfect interior design idea, especially about the chandelier selection, for your kitchen since we have already served you with lots of beautiful lamp design. Here we go!

Kitchen Ceiling Fans Lights fixtures

Ceiling Fan Light Makes Your Cooking Area Looks Adorable

Some of kitchen chandelier images which are decorated with ceiling fan light here are so amazing and perfect for many room designs. You may admire this crystal chandelier which is rounded with the ball iron shade. It makes the lamp looks very gorgeous and is able to deliver the elegant atmosphere into your kitchen. Yet, if you like the classic chandelier design, you can pick out this amazing light then. Circled with the candle, the chandelier may rise up the romantic nuance in the kitchen or dining space. Combine this chandelier utilization with some simple glass pendant lamp above your white kitchen island to create a more luxurious impression.

Unique Chandelier Ceiling Fan With Lights


The same design idea is also applied by this chandelier type. If the previous lamp looks longer, then this light is more compact. The candle cup becomes the base for the candles while the adorable bottom bowl finishes it with beautiful arrangement. If you die for the minimalist lamp design, do not hesitate to choose this chandelier style then. The glass filter gas shades cover the chandelier and after that hanged on the metal bars.

Ceiling Fan Light Kit ideas

Modern ceiling fans with lights

Consider as well to apply this round crystal chandelier to adorn your cooking space. It extends the minimalist impression also but in the more well-appointed look. Or you may feel interest with these kitchen chandelier ideas which is designed with ceiling fan light shades and curvy gas style arm made of glass, so what is your top choice?

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Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets Tips and Makeover Mon, 04 Dec 2017 09:32:05 +0000 Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets Tips and Makeover – If you are getting bored with your old gel stain kitchen cabinets, you can makeover it so it looks more beautiful. In order to makeover it, you don’t need many budget. Instead, you can plan it on budget. The first step to do is elaborating the cabinets. After that, you are able to scrub it. This idea will ease you to recolor the gel stain kitchen cabinet design. After scrubbing the cabinet, you have to clean it with wet cloth which is soft. Anyhow, scrubbing the cabinet is optional.

Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets

Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets Tips

Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinet Tips

Many options are offered to you if you want to makeover the gel stain kitchen cabinets at home. The first option you can apply to the cabinet either lighter or darker color. This is optional depending on your kitchen color and style. Besides, you need to consider the backsplash of your kitchen cabinet so it looks pretty and harmonious. This is much important to enhance your kitchen style. Not to mention, you can’t escape this step.

Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets Black Gel Stain Colors for Kitchen Cabinets Brown Mahogany Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets

Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

The first step to makeover your gel stain old kitchen cabinets is sanding the cabinet. As I said before, this is perfect and eases you to recolor your gel stain kitchen cabinets design idea. You are able to use 120 grit papers. Somehow, you don’t need to sand the entire finish of the cabinet. This is only used to remove the grape jelly. Then, for sanding the groves and corner, of course you need the sand paper. After that, clean it by wiping the cabinet with wet cloth.

Diy Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets Best Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets

To finish your kitchen cabinet makeover, you could finish it with staining. At the first time, it might be uneven. Hence you are able to cover it twice or three times. This is good and recommended to apply. After that, the next step you can do is rearranging the gel stain kitchen cabinets become one as before.

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Kitchen Cabinet Hinges for Your Classic Design Sat, 02 Dec 2017 11:32:03 +0000 Kitchen Cabinet Hinges for Your Classic Design – For the perfection design, small things like kitchen cabinet hinges should be kept. Although small, it has a very important role for a cabinet. There are several things to consider in choosing a cabinet hinges. They are doors heavy, the width and height of the door, as well as the direction of opening the door. The strength of the door hinges should also receive special attention because if it does not match to the load of the door hinges, it will lead to a rapid deterioration.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Materials and Sizes of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

The manufacture materials kitchen cabinet hinges white must also be a major concern in choosing a cabinet door hinge. If you have sufficient funds, choose kitchen cabinet hinges are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and they are relatively resistant to wear. In addition to materials, the size should be adjusted in choosing a door hinge. Main door with a standard 220 centimeters tall and 80-90 cm wide should use 4 and 5 inch hinges size. The standard of hinges size on the market usually size 4 and 5 inches. 5 inch size is recommended because it can withstand heavier loads.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Black Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Mepla

What must be noted for Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Installation?

Note in the installation of kitchen cabinet hinges outside, whether the field has been coated with varnish doors or other coating evenly. If not, varnish the closed areas of the house key previously. Measure the distance between the holes before choosing a new home key. For the house key, you should choose one that has keyhole spacing and the same model of the earlier measure.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges and Handles Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Hardware Cheap

After choosing the right house keys, separate house keys models can be mounted side by side of the door. Install it under the key house which wraps the key hole, and insert the lever. You should tighten the bolts perfectly. With appropriate measures, you will have a kitchen cabinet hinges and locks which are strong and durable.

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Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Lovely Color Combinations Wed, 29 Nov 2017 06:19:49 +0000 Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Lovely Color Combinations – Adorning kitchen area with gray kitchen cabinets becomes my first choice because this color can bring classic and vintage nuance at the same time. In addition, gray is one of my favorite colors because it can be collaborated with many hues including vivid and neutral hues. Not to mention, I also recommend you to use gray colored kitchen cabinet for your house. Below I am about to share what colors you can use for balancing the beauty of gray cabinets.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray & Neutral Colors Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen area which is adorned with gray kitchen cabinets will be stunning if it is combined with neutral hues. The neutral hues are able to neutralize and complement the elegant ambience of the kitchen and interior space. The neutral hues you can mix with the gray kitchen cabinet design are such as white, black and light wooden tones. By mixing and matching those colors smartly, you are able to have those awesome kitchen decors.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Black Granite Gray Kitchen Cabinets White Appliances

Gray & Vivid Colors Kitchen Cabinets

If you tend to use the combination of gray and vivid colors, you can mix the gray kitchen cabinets with yellow or bold pink. Besides, you might opt for red to accompany the gray cabinet at your kitchen. When you install one of these vivid colors together with gray, the kitchen decoration of your house will look pop and entertaining. Hence, you will enjoy your ‘me time’ in your kitchen cooking your favorite dishes.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertops Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Yellow Walls Grey Kitchen Cabinets Black Appliances

In order to get a very harmonious kitchen, the gray cabinet could be mixed and match with the other colored component. This is useful to make the exquisite look at the kitchen. Interestingly, there are many options of kitchen ornaments you can use to beautify the cabinets. Those are such as pop colored carpet, backsplash, and wall colors. This idea of gray kitchen cabinets is suitable to apply to the modern and contemporary kitchen décor.

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Small Kitchen Layout Inspiration Must Imitate Mon, 27 Nov 2017 05:23:09 +0000 Small Kitchen Layout Inspiration Must Imitate – When someone has a house for living, it is a kind of pleasant moment in his or her life. It is because she or he has successfully gotten this dream house for living with future family. It doesn’t matter whether the house is small or large. When the house is small or tiny, everyone is still always able to maintain and arrange it efficiently to solve the space problem of the house. Designing a nice kitchen in small kitchen layout is one of those space solving samples to try at home.

Small Kitchen Layout Design among White Cabinets Black Countertop White Island Black Stools White Ceiling also Hardwood Floor

Small Kitchen Layout

In general, we know that kitchen is a significant room at home. It is also known as a cooking area where homeowner spends daily time for producing or processing the daily meals. Kitchen basically consists of three important spots to keep it functional effectively. These three significant spots are popular as triangle work of kitchen. It involves cooking, cleaning and storage areas to support the kitchen function. Now, to keep the kitchen efficient in space, some cool and smart small kitchen layout designs are available.

Small Kitchen Layout Design among White Drawers White Cabinets Wooden Floor Grey Tile Backsplash also White Sink

Small Kitchen Layout White Drawers White Shelves White Counter White Cabinets Brown Backsplash also White Ceiling


L letter shaped small kitchen layout ideas is the first smart kitchen concept for your small living space. With a unit of personalized kitchen cabinet, everybody can fit the furniture based on the kitchen interior shape. Smart kitchen storage idea must be so helpful for the efficiency of the kitchen. When it comes as corner kitchen, a set of base and wall kitchen cabinetry would be perfect to maximize the kitchen function. Try to enhance this kitchen area with subway tiles covering the backsplash.

Small Kitchen Layout White Drawers White Cabinets White Island Wooden Countertop also some Unique Lamps

Small Kitchen Layout White Island Grey Granite Countertop Wooden Stool White Cabinets also White Drawers

Hey, watch out! Although the small kitchen layout with island is involved well, don’t even think to forget the existence of crucial triangle work setting. Try to arrange the triangle workspace of the kitchen as efficient as possible for the traffic. Ensure to place each triangle workspace closely to each other. Thus, the user doesn’t have to walk too far for reaching each triangle spot.

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