Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Types

One of the most important kitchen accessories is kitchen cabinet lighting. Kitchen cabinet functions to store kitchen equipment are so that your kitchen looks tidy and more attractive. To make the kitchen cabinet functions as well, you need to install lighting. The lighting can be under, inside, or around it. This article will not talk about where you install the lighting but the types of lighting that are appropriate for your kitchen cabinet. There are three types and here they are.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Types

Puck Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

The first type of kitchen cabinet lighting options is puck light. This kind of cabinet lighting is one of the most popular lightings. It has puck and round shape. Besides that, it applies LED bulb battery that is very sophisticated and shines brighter. That is why puck kitchen cabinet lighting can be a good choice.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Wiring Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Options

LED Strip Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

The next type of kitchen cabinet lighting is LED strip light. This may be the most expensive type. However, it is the most attractive looks. Besides that, this LED strip also offers more benefits. Then, the color is cooler. There are various model of LED strip kitchen cabinet lighting. So, you can choose the best model based on your desire.

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Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Led Tape Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Ideas

LED Tape or Rope Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

The last type is LED tape or rope. This cabinet lighting type is very thin so that it is easy to be installed. The thin shape also looks more stylish and modern. Besides that, LED tape or rope is flexible. This can be in handy for particular scenarios. That is all the types of cabinet lighting that you can apply in your kitchen. So, decide what type that you want to install. Hopefully, this article about kitchen cabinet lighting ideas can be a good reference.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Battery Operated Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Diy Kitchen Cabinet Lighting B And Q

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