Kitchen Designs with Islands for Extra Workspace and Entertainment

It is undeniable that the right kitchen designs with islands will give us some advantages, not only for extra space to work, but also for casual entertainment and bar. Indeed, island and bar can be in a detached design, however, it will be more effective to have them one. Of course, it should be in certain condition for us to cook, to wash and to dine in ease.

Kitchen Designs with Islands

The following inspiring pictures of kitchen designs with islands and bars are to present you some ideas. They will be about the island design and placement. There are various shapes you can find at the pictures, such as the simple rectangular, geometric, curvy, and custom style. They can also in short, medium and high design with tiered countertops. For the traditional style, it is commonly with patterned cabinet at the bottom while the contemporary one prefers to have the sleek surface finishing.

Glass Lampshade Idea Applied on Two Pendant Lamps of Kitchen Designs among Islands Idea with Black Stools

Kitchen Interior Design Idea Applied in Contemporary Kitchen ideas among Traditional Style design Plan

Interior Design Idea Found in Kitchen ideass among Islands Idea Finished with White Kitchen Cabinet

Contrast style, the dark island with light countertop or vice versa and the neutral tones are presented at the pictures. White traditional island, for example, with black countertop or the white one with light wood countertop is nice to see. Then, the contemporary sleek black island with the white marble top or the dark wood island with white granite top, etc. is also interesting to find. There are also some other countertops you can invite, such as stainless steel, acrylic, and ceramic.

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Interior Design Idea Applied in Kitchen Designs with Islands Idea Finished with Wooden Stools Design IDea

Colored Stool Design Idea Applied in Kitchen Designs with Islands Idea finished with White Indoor Wall Painting Design

Farmhouse Interior Design IDea Finished among Best Kitchen Plan with Kitchen ideass with Islands Idea Unit

Commonly, Kitchen Island is added in front of the cabinet or at the center of the space with L-shaped or U-shaped cabinets surrounding. This also works when you have another island at the edge for dining and bar. However, for effective design, the kitchen plans with island bars can be in a single unit situated at the outer side of the kitchen to easy connect to the dining or living space.

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