Kitchen Living Design for Small Dining Room Ideas

Here we will give you some tips about how to utilize the small dining room for kitchen living. A lot of tricks can be done to maximize the small space. You just need to find corner where you want to arrange the dining area. The first example is utilizing the dining area among the white painted wall. Because white is neutral color, there are many things that you can place there. White wall is suitable with brown wooden chairs and table. Put table with two chairs, and voila, here is the dinette!

Metallic Dining Table also Wood Chairs Eclectic Chandelier Sleek Wood Floor Gold Range Hood

Kitchen Living Design for Small Dining Room Ideas

Chairs are no need to be in the same feature. This means that you can combine the two different chairs. Set aside the perception that furniture should be in the same set. This will add the uniqueness of your small dining room design which is also used as kitchen living room. Placing the table beside wide glass windows can create an attractive house nook. Moreover, if this space is located at the upper floor of your house, this can be more interesting because you will have wider sight, right?

Marble Kitchen Backsplash Acrylic Chairs Metallic Dining Table near Tiny Casters Woven RugMarble Kitchen Backsplash Acrylic Chairs Metallic Dining Table near Tiny Casters Woven Rug Futuristic Chandelier above Tulip Table also Plaid Chairs Cushy Padded Chair Fresh Indoor Plants

The dining area is match with the kitchen. Designing this spot next to the kitchen will make the food easier to be served. You can also see the chef cooking; this can be an exciting moment before eating. Another position of dining room is near the living room. There are many houses with this kind of decoration. Kitchen, dining room, and living room are located at the same house area. This can be so efficient and you can arrange the dining table set as you want.

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Dining Table also Dark Padded Chairs on the bottom of Geometric Pendant Light Cozy Grey Sofa and Dark Coffee Table Cute Padded Chairs also Glamorous Chandelier Stylish Dark Shelves Cozy Dark Sofa and Wood Coffee Table

The small set of dinette will be perfect with some accessories. There is plenty of decorative stuff, for example is the chandeliers, pendant lamps, flower vase, wall paintings, plant pots, etc. For the floor below the furniture, adding the rug or carpet will give more comfort and warmth. Curtains and draperies are good option to decorate the window besides the dining set.

Chairs Surrounding Wood Dining Table Glass Ball Pendant Light Scenic Blue Wall Art Mosaic Wallpaper Mirrored Console Table

This small dining room interior design with kitchen living area can be applied with various furniture sets according to your design taste.

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