Movable Kitchen Concept for Everyone, Genius Idea!

Kitchen is definitely a part that everyone needs within their life since it is related to foods. Well, there are so many ideas and designs when it comes to kitchen in which some people could afford to get and some others cannot. A great idea that will definitely alter the understanding and the idea of kitchen is actually a movable kitchen in compact size as large as a bar cart. Despite of its small size surely it is capable of delivering the common functions of a kitchen out of it. Thus there will be no need to have a large full-sized kitchen anymore in order to get cooking.

Movable Kitchen Concept

Flix kitchen design

The idea came from Flix with its concept of making a compact and movable kitchen. It has a boxy shape with the size is pretty much as large as a bar cart and could be a bit smaller compared to some larger versions of bar cart. Surely it has wheels underneath so that it can be moved easily from one spot to another accordingly. The design is pretty simple with everything can be stored and folded within its body so that moving it will not be too hard. One side of it has several drawers to be the storage for anything related to cooking. It is available in either bright or dark shade of color combination to be selected accordingly.

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Flix kitchen design Flix kitchen with drawers

Movable small kitchen

One particular feature of this compact and movable kitchen from Flix is definitely the large size cutting board. It was folded previously which can be opened upwards to set it up. Once it is set then it can really be functioned properly as a large cutting board in a real kitchen. Despite of the fact that it is only secured on one side of it, it can really hold the weight while cutting on top of it. It actually has 2 levels of surface as a matter of fact that contribute to its strength.

Movable small kitchen

Cutting board on the moving kitchen Cutting board on Flix live kitchen

Flix Kitchen drawers

Moving into another great feature of this particularly unique design of a kitchen, it comes with a set of drawers for storage. There are 3 drawers with its opening on one side of the moving kitchen. Surely three levels of the drawers are enough to store just the needed things to support the cooking within this small kitchen. One of the drawers can be functioned as a place for kitchen utensils. Meanwhile another one can be functioned as a place for spices. One more of the storage can be functioned to store other things as well in purpose of supporting the cooking regardless of the place where it will be.

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flix Kitchen drawers

Kitchen Utensil Drawers

Spice drawer on Flix Kitchen

Movable kitchen for outdoor

Having a good time with friends and families while enjoying grilled foods in barbeque party style is a nice way to spend a great weekend. This particular kitchen can actually be used to support that activity. As a matter of fact it was designed to be used in small areas and also outdoor areas like garden and backyard. When stretched in its full size it has a grill which can definitely be used to deliver great and tasty foods out of it in no time. So, it really is true that this kitchen design from Flix is the perfect choice for outdoor cooking activity including barbeque party.

Movable kitchen for outdoor

Small barbeque kitchen you can move

The idea of Flix to create a small, movable, and fully functional kitchen is really great. It can actually be used by anyone to get cooking regardless of the occasion. It can be used inside a house with a limited space for a kitchen while it can also be used outside. The simple and easy to use design of itself is one of many benefits it offers to anyone who want to use it.

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