Using Concrete Counter to Maximize Kitchen Decoration

One particular thing related to any ideas of interior decoration is the fact that anything can actually be incorporated to maximize the decoration itself. When it comes to kitchen decoration for example, counter is one aspect which can be considered accordingly in order to achieve the best possible appeal of the decoration. It is true that there are some options regarding the material for the counter itself in which each one of them will definitely deliver different appeal. Yet, each one of the available materials should be combined properly with other aspects of the decoration in that particular kitchen in purpose of creating a decent appeal as well as atmosphere within the décor.

Modern kitchen design from Concrete

Using Concrete Counter to Maximize Kitchen Decoration

Balance between wood and concrete

One idea to get the best out of concrete kitchen counter is by bringing woods into the kitchen. The combination of wood and concrete can be a great pair. Yet in order to get the best result in combining the two different materials, balance is the key. It is essential to have one side of the wall covered by wood in which the concrete counter is exactly in front of it. Furthermore when the kitchen is an open one, the seating of the dining area as well as the table should be wood as well. More wood can actually be a great idea as long as the wood has its similar tone with the selected concrete. At glance the wood may look just like the concrete when the color is highly similar.

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Concrete and wood are the perfect mix Balance between wood and concrete

Black kitchen and concrete kitchen for a loft

Within the simple and minimalist concept of today’s modern interior design, monochromatic is a nice choice even with the use of concrete counter for the kitchen. The main tone could be in white with the use of gray concrete for the counter. It may look dull for some people but surely it can really be a great design for some other people. Following the monochromatic idea, black can actually be added into the combination of white and gray for a better appeal. The cabinetries come in black with gray concrete counter and the rest of the kitchen in white.

Monochromatic private residence with a concrete island

Black kitchen and concrete kitchen for a loft

Large beach house with open space kitchen concrete decor

Concrete counter can actually be a beneficial choice when it comes to a limited space such as a beach house. Inside a beach house there could actually a large open kitchen design with the so-called concrete counter as the main feature. The counter could be in a bright shade of gray while the rest of the kitchen is in wooden brown tone that makes it as a focal point. The large counter can be combined with wooden seating to be the dining area on the other side while another side is for the preparation. The rest of the furniture within the kitchen can actually be matched to the concrete as if the concrete counter is a bright one, the kitchen can be in bright shade with a bit of wooden touch in small sections like the seating.

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Choosing to match the furniture kitchen design Large beach house with open space kitchen concrete decor Large concrete kitchen island with seating

House with double kitchen islands

More into the use of concrete counter within kitchen interior decoration, large windows can be considered to be a decent feature that will elevate the appeal of the kitchen greatly. A small kitchen with all wooden themes plus a concrete counter can get the benefit of a large window wall in on side of the room. Furthermore, a kitchen with Double Island made of concrete can also be enhanced further by incorporating several large windows on one side of the wall with the brick wall accent for a better appeal. Even above he large wall with large windows there is an area made of entirely glass that clearly bring a better lighting into the kitchen for a perfect combination within the decoration itself.

House with double kitchen islands SV house kitchen design

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